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Allegory Art, Allegorical Painting: "The Waiting Room", Cost: $450.00

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The Waiting Room, allegory art, is an original Acrylic Allegorical Painting about subconscious desire for love and intimacy, while living a masked existence of propriety. Fine art original acrylic allegorical painting, vanitas, human love, fleetingness of life. This 26 x 38.5 inch framed allegory art is an allegorical painting describing hidden emotions, the fleetingness of life, and the struggle to let feelings emerge from the unconscious. A mantle clock and a grandfather clock in the background of this allegory art remind the couple that time is passing by. The clocks do not agree in time, as this could be anytime in the story.

The woman wears white in this allegorical painting, symbolizing a virgin. She is stiff and proper, yet looks side long at the man sitting as far from her as the seating in the waiting room will allow. The room in this allegory art has many books, representing the logical, left brain thoughts that fill the woman's conscious mind. In the mirror of this allegorical painting are dolls, reflecting a younger time when imagination and experimentation were still possible.
The lovers kiss statue representing what looms in the unconscious.

The statue of the lovers kissing represents the unconsious thoughts of the woman and man; a more primitive urge. The skull, lifes fleetingness. The mask, hiding ones true self. A body covered, trying to emerge.

The skull, resembling vanitas paintings, in this allegory art represents death, which will come all too soon. It looms there, in a threatening way, but also urging the couple on to make the most of life while they have it. Primitive urges and emotions have been covered up through years of correction, signified by the rug, to a point where only the mask remains. A body is covered by the rug in this allegorical painting, although one arm is stretched to unnatural lengths, the hand alone emerging from beneath the heavy entrapment. The man, gallant, no primal instinct, sits wrestling with his emotions.

The man in this allegory art sits in a restless manner, wrestling with his emotions and his white knight, gallant facade.

The canvas of this allegorical painting has been sprayed with clear acrylic varnish to keep the colors bright, and has been signed by the artist. This painting ships bubblewrapped, flat in a no-bend cardboard box. Please note that shipping and handling cost will be added at time of purchase.

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