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Hand Painted Holiday Tole Santa Claus: SOLD

This 21" tall hand painted tole figure is a Holiday Santa Claus dressed in a full length black gown, a full length red robe, and red hat. The gown is trimmed in red and gold at the bottom, and green, red, and gold at chest level. A big belt buckle is seen peeking out from the red robe, and a large timepiece hangs below the belt. The hand painted robe is lined in leopard spotted painted fur and trimmed in black with round gold painted on beads. The Santa Claus is carrying an unadorned Christmas tree in his toy bay, which is slung over his shoulder. In Santa's robe is a large pocket containing toys: a teddy bear, toy horn, and candy canes.

The face of Santa Claus is painted with kind eyes and a compassionate expressio. Wire rimmed glasses are painted on the tip of his nose. The white beard is the one part of this Holiday Santa Claus that has a 3-dimensional material: a thickened white gel that gives dimension to Santa Claus' beard.

This holiday Christmas Santa Claus is made of wood, hand painted with acrylic paints, and fully varnished to keep the colors bright and fresh. He stands upright on a raised stand with a green faux marble painted top and a spotted bottom that mimics the painted leopard fur on Santa Claus' red robe. This tole Santa Claus ships cushioned with bubblewrap in a no-bend cardboard box.

Decorative painting: Hand painted Santa Claus with Christmas tree tole figure.

Tole painting: The back side of the Santa Claus holding his Christmas tree.

Decorative Holiday doll: A zoom in of Santa Claus' face, showing his gentle eyes, eye glasses, warm look, and textured white beard.

Hand painted wooden doll: Another close up of the top half of Santa, focusing on his heavy red coat trimmed with faux leopard fur, his bedazzled ornate, black cloak, his huge belt buckle and staff.

Decorative tole: A close up of the bottom half of Santa, focusing on his pocket filled with toys: a bugle, a teddy bear, and candy canes, and on his magnificent pocket watch. He stands on a faux marble painted stand with mock leopard fur spots.

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