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Hand Painted Holiday Tole Santa Claus: SOLD

This 31" tall painted tole figure is a Holiday Santa Claus dressed in a sky blue robe tied in the middle by a striped rope, a sky blue hat, black mittens, and black boots. The robe is lined with white fur. Just underneath Santa Claus' blue robe at the bottom, you can see a red under robe lined with gold . This tole Santa Clause has a lush full white beard and is carrying a fully adorned holiday Christmas tree slung over his shoulder in a bag.

The holiday Christmas tree is made of miniature faux pine branches with holly berries, and is decorated with many holiday Christmas ornaments. Some of these Christmas ornaments are made from polymer clay, and some are made from wood. Many are topped with faux snow and glitter. Bird houses are standing in front of the Santa Claus and at the foot of the Santa Claus. Also, bird houses comprise some of the holiday Christmas tree decorations.

This holiday Christmas Santa Claus is made of wood, hand painted with acrylic paints, and fully varnished to keep the colors bright and fresh. He stands upright on a flat stand, which is both painted white and topped with white faux snow. This tole Santa Claus ships cushioned with bubblewrap in a no-bend cardboard box.

Decorative painting: Hand painted Santa Claus tole figure with Christmas tree and Decorations.

Tole painting: The back side of the Hand painted Santa Claus tole figure with Christmas tree and Decorations.

A close up of Santa's Christmas tree and abundant Decorations made of clay, wood, plastic, and fibers.

Wooden Doll: The top part of Santa Claus showing his calm expression, his heavily textured white beard, and three bird houses close beside him.

Decoratively painted doll, focusing on Santa's heavy blue cloak with white fur, and the gold trimmed, red robe beneath the cloak. At his feet and waist are more bird houses.

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