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Hand Painted Tole Artist Nutcracker Diorama: $75.00

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This 14" tall and 10" long painted wooden tole scenic display is a Nutcracker Artist with all of her paint tubes and bottles, wooden paint palette, brushes, tracing and palette papers, and artist smock. She is standing in front of her easel, upon which is the semi-finished painting of a bird on a rotted out tree trunk. The nutcracker has long brown, curly hair, under a blue artist cap, and blue eyes. She is holding a paint palette and rag in one hand, and, in the other hand, she holds a paint brush, a bag filled with artist paraphernalia over her arm.

The tole figure is wearing a painted on artist apron, smudged with paint, and well stocked with painted brushes and a small painting of some M & M's. She is wearing painted on dungarees and white sneakers with blue seams. Paint bottles lay at her feet and under her easel, as well as paint tubes, a pencil and a brush.

The artist tole figure is supported by a special wooden base, which, itself, is resting on a larger wooden base that holds her easel and her dropped paint bottles and paraphernalia. This Artist Nutcracker is sprayed with a gloss varnish to protect the beauty of the paint. The tole figure ships cushioned with plastic peanuts in a no-bend cardboard box.

Decorative tole painting: A Beautifully handpainted tole, wooden nutcracker, Artist figure Painting a painting on an easel.

Back Left side of this hand painted wooden Artist display for sale.

Bck Right side of the beautifully painted tole diorama.

Zoom in of the Artist's face and lacey neckline.

The front view of the hand painted tole display.

An aerial view of the nutcracker diorama.

A zoomed in version of the top front of the artist figure and bag of artist's materials.

a viewpoint shot from above the painter's cap, which the artist tole figure is wearing.

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