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Paintings of Birds and Flowers: "Lucy's Warbler" Cost: $150.00

video of process involved in creating the painting of a Lucy's Warbler bird perched on the twig of a cherry blossom tree.

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This 11" by 14" piece, one of my paintings of birds and flowers, is of a 4 inch bird called a Lucy's Warbler, a bird native to Arizona. This one of my paintings of birds and flowers is based on a photograph by wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela (in his "Birds of Arizona Field Guide"), who has given me permission to use his bird photos as a basis for my bird paintings. Lucy's Warbler is perched on one of the twigs coming from a cheery blossom tree, and is surrounded by cherry blossoms. It is a sunny day with bright pastel colors, and the bird appears to be looking back at the viewer, perhaps ready to take flight.

I basecoated this one of my paintings of birds and flowers in dark complementary colors, and then built up the bird's final colors, layer by layer, with thin strokes, which resulted in the feathery, tuft-like texture.

The canvas has been sprayed with clear acrylic gloss varnish to keep the colors bright, and has been signed by the artist. This bird painting ships bubblewrapped flat in a no-bend cardboard box.

Fine art painting: An Arizona native bird, a small blue and pink bird, a Lucy's Warbler, perched on some tree twigs with cherry blossoms.

Paintings of Birds and Flowers: An Arizona native bird, Lucy's Warbler

A zoom in of the pink and blue Arizona native bird.

Paintings of Birds and Flowers: Close up of the Lucy's Warbler

A close up of Lucy's Warbler, focusing on the cherry blossoms surrounding the bird's perch.

Paintings of Birds and Flowers: Close up of the cherry blossoms

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