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Flower Painting: Modern Folk Art Painting of Roses: $75.00

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This 14" by 11", framed, mixed media (acrylic and oil) flower painting, a Modern folk art painting of roses, is of two brightly colored roses and eight brightly colored leaves surrounding them. They are abstract, and resemble European Folk art. The basecoat of the leaves and roses, as well as the border and black background are painted in black acrylic paint. Shadow color, in oil, is then placed in strategic places on the flowers and leaves of this modern folk art painting. A light tone of the base color is then stroked one-by-one over the leaves and flowers, mixing the light toned main color with the darker shadow colors. The shadow colors of this modern folk art painting do not have to be the same hue as the basic leaf or rose color; this gives a very colorful appearance as the lighter strokes merged down to mix with the darker colors. Both the flowers and the leaves are lightly bordered with off white strokes, adding to the modern folk art appearance. Other comma strokes are placed strategically around the flowers and leaves to accentuate them. The border of this modern folk art painting is painted in gold acrylic and is made up of a variety of comma strokes and dots.

This painting is on stretched canvas, has been signed by the artist, and ships bubblewrapped flat in a no-bend cardboard box.

Framed Decorative painting: Two Brightly Colored Folk Art and Abstract Roses with eight Leaves surrounding them.

Modern Folk Art Painting: The Framed Flower Painting of two roses.

Folk Roses decorative painting on canvas in bright colors.

Modern Folk Art Painting: The unframed Flower Painting

Zoomed version of decorative folk roses on a black background.

Modern Folk Art Painting: A Closeup of the Flower Painting

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