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"Acrylic Flower Painting, Flower Still Life: Floral in an Egyptian Urn", Cost: $295.00
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This 30 x 15 inch canvas Acrylic flower painting, with black floating frame is a flower still life. There are three decorative silk flowers, in peachy red to magenta colors, with green leaves set in a gold Egyptian urn. The Egyptian urn in this acrylic flower painting is detailed with images of people in gondolas, stylized flowers and shrubs, and horizontal and diagonal lines forming separations of blue, green, and red colors. The urn in this flower still life has large swooping decorative handles that end in the face of a goose, and on the sides of the urn's mouth are Egyptian heads in gold and dark blue. The entire floral display sits on a two-tone blue fabric with pleasing swirls and wrinkles. The blue colors are a mixture of ultramarine and pthalo. To set the fabric back in the acrylic flower painting, it was glazed with a cooler turquoise blue. I painted this flower still life composition because it was just after Christmas time and the pointsettia silk flowers reminded me of Christmas. Also, I love the reflections in the flower still life's gold urn.

The canvas has been top coated with clear acrylic varnish to keep the colors bright, and has been signed by the artist. This painting ships bubblewrapped, flat in a no-bend cardboard box, the edges sandwiched in edge protectors.

Please note that shipping and handling cost will be added at time of purchase.

Acrylic flower painting, flower still life: silk flowers in a gold urn.

Flower still life: Silk Flowers in a gold urn.

Flowers in the gold urn

Acrylic flower painting: The silk flowers

Flower still life: the top of the urn.

Flower still life: The top of the urn

Acrylic flower painting: The bottom of the urn.

Acrylic flower painting: The bottom of the urn

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