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Welcome to my Holiday gallery of artwork 2013. Please view the art for sale on this page. If you see one that especially appeals to you, click the thumbnail image. This will transfer you to a page containing detailed images, prices, and descriptions, of each Holiday 2013 related hand painted item. You will also be able to purchase the Holiday item on that page.

A wooden, decoratively hand painted tole Santa Claus and Christmas tree, five-candle candelabra. A wooden, decoratively hand painted Christmas December calendar with Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, and presents. Decorative tole painting: A Hand Painted and mixed media red, gold, and black, Santa Claus with a Light Bulb head and plush cotton beard stiffened with luminescent glued glitter. Decorative tole painting: A wooden, hand painted tole Santa Claus, sitting at his bench, surrounded by toys, which he is making. The music box plays 'School Days, When We Were a Couple of Kids'.
Decorative tole painting: A Beautifully handpainted tole, wooden nutcracker, Toy Maker figure selling dolls, trains, and hobby horses. Fine art mixed media painting: Backed in faux gold leaf, a Renaissance Sainted Angel in burgandy gown, based on the Fra Angelico paintings. Fine art mixed media painting: Renaissance Saint cloaked in floral burgandy fabric and painted over in acrylic to form a seemless appearance.

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