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Hand Painted Santa Claus with Light Bulb Head.: $45.00

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This 15" tall painted wooden tole figure is a Santa Claus whose head is made out of a light bulb and then painted with his wide-eyed expression. His beard and hair are made from cotton topped with glitter and glue. This Santa's bulb head is attached to a slim, wooden, candlestick body, painted in glitter topped reds with horizontal striped and shell black, gold, white, and red accents. The base is painted pink and white lace on black. The joints of Santa's arms are painted gold, as are two stars, which wrap around his candlestick waist with wire and dangle down. Santa Claus' holiday hat is made from faux furs of red and white, and the base is covered in black glitter.

This Holiday Santa Claus is made of wood painted with acrylic paints, cotton, faux fur, glitter, glue, and wire. The wood has been fully varnished to keep the colors bright and fresh. This Holiday Santa Claus ships cushioned with bubblewrap in a no-bend cardboard box.

Decorative painting: A Hand Painted and mixed media Santa Claus with a Light Bulb head.

Back side of this hand painted wooden Santa, showing the reds, golds, blacks, and hand painted lace.

Close up of the light bulb Santa face with the white, cotton beard topped generously with glued on luminescent glitter.

Close up of the bottom of the Santa; the glittery red shades of his candle stick style body, repleat with gold stars wired to his waist.

A zoom in of the black and gold base with pink white and gold lace. It also shows the heavy black glitter at the very bottom.

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