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Mixed Media Artwork: Renaissance Angel Art Cost: $135.00

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This 20" by 13", mixed media artwork, angel art on wood, is a figurative painting of a Renaissance style Sainted Angel. This angel art has gold painted wings, a halo with decorative red edging, gold tinged brunette hair with a gold ribbon, a high-collared laced neck and decorative bib over flowery burgandy fabric, which has been shaded in order to indicate the form of a dress. This Angel Art has a serene, contemplative expression as she plays a stringed instrument. A gold, brocade trim lines her dress just below her instrument, and also lines the bottom of her dress. Her feet, placed in delicate red slippers peak out from under the Angel's dress.

This Angel Art painting has been sprayed with clear acrylic gloss varnish to keep the colors bright, and has been signed by the artist. This mixed media artwork ships bubblewrapped flat in a no-bend cardboard box.

Fine art mixed media painting: Renaissance Saint cloaked in floral burgundy fabric and painted over in acrylic to form a seamless appearance.

Mixed media artwork: Angel art

A zoomed in section of the mixed media Renaissance Angel's stringed instrument, wings, hands, and face.

Angel art: The angel's stringed instrument

A zoomed in section of the Angel's Angelically beautiful face.

Angel art: The angel's face

The midruff section, featuring the bowl of the stringed instrument and the Angel's midruff.

Angel Art: Closeup of the angel's midruff

The bottom part of the Angel's fabric gown and painted feet.

Angel Art: The Angel's fabric gown and painted feet

The back of the Angel painting and the groove area for its hanging.

Angel art: The back of the mixed media artwork

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